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 The biggest cheer heard after Utah’s dominant win over USC didn’t come from Salt Lake City or Columbus, home of the Ohio State Buckeyes. The loudest exclamation came from Fort Worth. That’s because — according to Fox Sports college football analyst Joel Klatt — TCU secured its bid.

USC’s loss paves the way for Ohio State to reenter the top four. It also means TCU has more leeway in the Big 12 title game against Kansas State.

Even with a loss against the Wildcats, TCU shouldn’t fall behind No. 6 Alabama, Klatt argues.

The committee, he says, already made the call that Ohio State has a better resume than Alabama. While head of the playoff committee Boo Corrigan said that the Buckeyes and Crimson Tide rankings aren’t set in stone, it would take extraordinary circumstances for two teams not playing this weekend to swap places.

LSU would need to keep the SEC Championship Game against Georgia competitive while Purdue would need to beat Michigan. Ohio State’s loss by 22 points to Michigan would look even worse and Alabama’s one-point loss to LSU — one of two losses by the Tide this season — would be more forgivable.

If TCU falls on its face the way USC did Friday night, it will open the door for the first two-loss team to make the CFP. Klatt’s argument that TCU was more impressive in its win at Texas than Alabama rings true, but after the committee put Alabama ahead of a Tennessee team it lost to earlier this season, the result between a common opponent might not hold much water.

USC winning its title game, paired with a TCU loss, would have led to a debate between the Horned Frogs and Buckeyes for the fourth seed. The Trojans’ loss eliminates that hypothetical discussion.

TCU has one less competitor for a top-four finish but until the Horned Frogs finish the task at hand, the door remains open for Alabama to crash the party. 

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