aqib talib sued over fatal shooting youth

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Aqib Talib has been named in a lawsuit stemming from the incident in which his brother allegedly shot and killed a man back in August.

Talib, his older brother Yaqub and Big XII Sports League and Family Services were all named in a lawsuit that was filed Tuesday by the family of Michael Hickmon. The 43-year-old Hickmon died after he was shot during a North Texas youth football game on Aug. 13.

The suit, which was reviewed by Sarah Bahari of the Dallas Morning News, accuses Talib of instigating the brawl that resulted in Hickmon being shot multiple times and killed. Hickmon’s family is seeking in excess of $1 million in damages.

Yaqub was charged with murder in the incident. Aqib has not faced any charges.

Hickmon was the coach of the Dragon Elite Academy 9-and-under team that was playing against the North Dallas United Bobcats, a team organized and financed by the Talib brothers. Hickmon’s family claims in the lawsuit that the Talib brothers ended the game prematurely after their team was called for a taunting penalty. The suit says Hickmon went over to the opposing sideline to retrieve his son’s football, at which point Aqib attempted to fight him. Hickmon allegedly tried to back away and fell over. He was shot multiple times as he was attempting to get to his feet.

The lawsuit also accuses Big XII Sports League and Family Services of failing to properly vet coaches and provide a safe environment. The organization says the game was a preseason fundraiser and that they had no involvement.

Witnesses previously painted a troubling picture of Aqib’s involvement in the incident. The Talib brothers have also been accused of being overly aggressive during youth football games.

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