big ben argues steelers should shut down pickett

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The Steelers’ (6-8) playoff hopes are looking pretty bleak. Is there an argument to be made about shutting down rookie QB Kenny Pickett for the rest of the season?

Former Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger believes there is.

“I don’t want to say ever ‘listen I’m done for the season,’ but at some point, if you’re the franchise and you’re not gonna make it, you’re not going anywhere, it might be smart to shut him down,” Roethlisberger said on his “Footbahlin with Ben Roethlisberger” podcast. “If he’s your guy of the future, which obviously he is, maybe it’s smart to do that.”

Pickett has suffered two concussions this year. And although Pittsburgh isn’t mathematically eliminated from the playoffs quite yet, it’s looking very unlikely.

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