bill belichick struggles against chaotic qbs

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Bill Belichick might be the greatest defensive game planner in NFL history. The Patriots coach even has a defensive gameplan in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But Belichick’s highly structured, assignment-oriented defenses have an Achilles’ heel: chaotic quarterbacks.

In a 24-10 win in Week 13 over the Patriots, Buffalo QB Josh Allen proved again that he has more trump cards versus Belichick’s cerebral advantages than any other player in the NFL. 

Allen’s skillset is well-documented, but his chaotic nature is the important ingredient that causes major problems. When plays break down, he excels at running and passing. 

Allen’s 243 total yards in the win were his second-lowest total of the season, but the Patriots never truly solved him. 

In a 47-17 win over New England in a wild-card game last season, Allen destroyed the Patriots with his arm (308 yards passing) and legs (66 yards rushing). He had fewer incompletions (four) than touchdown passes (five). 

Allen recently talked about his backyard football approach and especially his connection with teammate Stefon Diggs, one of the NFL’s best receivers. 

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