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Bills Mafia had a little too much fun at the NFL’s expense on Saturday night, throwing snowballs onto the field at Highmark Stadium during the Buffalo Bills’ contest against the rival Miami Dolphins, briefly delaying the game. 

A steady stream of snowballs rained down from the crowd from the start of Saturday night’s game and only increased after a first-quarter touchdown by Quintin Morris. 

The snowballs continued to fly from all directions following a 10-yard touchdown pass from Josh Allen to Nyheim Hines, eventually leading officials to pause the game to try and restore order. 

Some harmless snow tossing nearly turned into consequences for the Bills. As the delay continued, Dolphins’ head coach Mike McDaniel reportedly huddled with officials asking if the fans’ poor behavior warranted a 15-yard penalty against the Bills. 

Officials didn’t penalize the Bills but announced that a 15-yard penalty for Buffalo would follow if a snowball hit a player. 

Highmark Stadium also sent out a warning to fans via social media, threatening ejections for those caught throwing snowballs. 

Some, like two-time Super Bowl champion Chris Long, joked that Miami fans in attendance could throw snowballs at Dolphins players, possibly penalizing Buffalo. 

Meanwhile, others encouraged the behavior. 

After the Buffalo area got hammered by over 10 inches of snow overnight, the white stuff was bound to be an issue during the game, but fortunately, cooler heads prevailed.

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