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You certainly cannot say that Devin Booker was unaware of the box score on Saturday night.

The Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker went Super Saiyan on the New Orleans Pelicans, pouring in 58 points in a 118-114 win for Phoenix. 

Booker made 21 field goals (including six 3-pointers) in 42 total minutes of play.

In the final seconds of the game though, Booker had a hilariously blatant attempt to pad his numbers. 

With less than four seconds left and the Suns up by four points (a two-possession game), Booker received the cross-court inbounds pass. Instead of dribbling out the clock, he pulled up for a really deep 3-pointer to try to break the 60-point barrier. 

But instead of 60, Booker got nothing but cold hard backboard as the final buzzer sounded.

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