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Drew Brees duped some people on Friday when he pretended to get struck by lightning for sports betting commercial and it is not sitting well with a group that offers support for lightning strike victims. 

Lightning Strike and Electric Shock Survivors International, a non-profit organization, blasted Brees for what it called an “inappropriate” and “disgusting” stunt.

In a statement to TMZ, the group writes: “The recent Drew Brees lightning commercial is an inappropriate, disgusting method of promoting gambling or any TV commercial campaign. This is a deadly injury, and it is disappointing to see the continual ridicule of lightning and electrical injury survivors in comical light in which it is presented for commercial gain and profit.” 

The group also added that Brees’ stunt set survivors back “20 years” in terms of getting respect and to be taken seriously. 

Early Friday morning a video surfaced from Venezuela that appeared to show Brees getting struck by lightning. Hours and hours had passed without any official word from the Saints, the NFL, or Brees’ inner circle, all of which seemed suspicious. Still, there were some that feared it could be a real thing.

It was later revealed to simply be a commercial for PointsBet USA sportsbook for their weekly NFL “Lightning bets.” 

Brees has not yet addressed his role in the viral marketing stunt. 

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