report bulls multiple meetings fix on court issues

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As the Chicago Bulls’ season continues to spiral downward, the team has reportedly had “multiple team meetings” to work out the various issues that have led to its terrible start this season.

After four straight losing seasons, the Bulls seemed to be on an upward swing after finishing with a 46-36 record last season and earning the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs. However, that trajectory into championship contention has been halted and the team is in the midst of a serious decline in 2022-23.

The Bulls have been without point guard Lonzo Ball all season as he continues to try and recover from off-season knee surgery. His absence played a major role in their quick playoff exit and has loomed large this season. Without him, the 2021 All-Star combo of DeMar DeRozan and Zach LaVine has struggled and the duo often seems like a poor mix.

With their season in serious trouble and on-court frustration leading to turmoil among players, the staff and the organization, the Bulls have recently tried to fix their problems on a very personal level multiple times.

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