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It’s the story of the week and depending on how well Deion “Prime Time” Sanders can recruit for the Colorado Buffaloes, it’s going to be one of the top college football stories moving forward.

Sanders left HBCU (Historically Black College or University) Jackson State, which he put in the national spotlight, and took a well-deserved job at Colorado. Not only was it a step up from the SWAC to the Pac-12, but it came with a massive raise as well.

Not everyone is happy for Sanders, though, particularly those who feel he bailed on the HBCU ranks for greener pastures elsewhere. Sanders was the one who said he was brought to Jackson State to promote change at HBCU’s after all.

One of those critics is sportswriter/talking head Bomani Jones, who feels Sanders sold a bill of goods that he ultimately didn’t stand by:

“I don’t judge him for taking the job at Colorado, it probably increased his salary by something like 15 times. I totally get that, it all makes sense. But what he did was something that college coaches do all the time. You have to sell people four year, ten year, plans when your plan is always one year at a time. That’s the only way you can really pull that off,” Jones told the CNN panel.

“So he came in and sold a long-term vision for what was going on at Jackson State, but his goals and ambitions were always to be a Power Five head coach. My take has always been: He went to Jackson State primarily because he wanted to be a head coach but didn’t want to ever be anybody’s assistant coach. So he had to find somebody that would give him a job and make him a head coach so he could have that on his resume and then he could take that to try to get the job that he actually wanted.”

Jones did admit that Sanders did do good for Jackson State. It’s hard to argue the impact he had on its football program, bringing in multiple star players and leading the team to a 27-5 record in three seasons.

As was mentioned, Prime put Jackson State on the map. He also put himself in the center of attention as well, though, per Jones.

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