draymond green says bucks fan threatened his life

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Draymond Green gets a lot of boos from opposing fans. Last night, the boos escalated into an alleged death threat.

Midway through the third quarter of Milwaukee’s win over Golden State, a fan in the lower bowl started shouting at Green while Giannis Antetokounmpo was shooting free throws. The fan clearly said something about giving Green a pass after the threat, based on Green’s response.

After the game, Green explained to reporters that the fan had said “some threatening stuff to my life.” He said the fan almost provoked him into a confrontation. “I was this close to really going back. Just diving back in. But I went back and told the official what he said, and he said, ‘He’s gotta get out of here.'”

The NBA fined Green $25K after an exchange with a heckler in Dallas, and the heckler subsequently offered to match his fine. Afterward, Green expressed frustration with the league’s double standard. Green was fined for using profanity, though Boston fans chanted “F— You Draymond”, and used the n-word during the finals with no consequences.

As for the Bucks, they issued a statement saying they were “investigating the situation,” as the ejection decision was made by the referee.

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