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Below are the 5 most popular blogs on mysportscience.com in 2022! Click the title to read…

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1. Kevin Tipton will never be forgotten

At the recent International Sport and Exercise Nutrition Conference (ISENC) in Manchester, the first session was dedicated to the life and the work of Kevin Tipton, a highly respected and much loved colleague and friend passed who sadly passed away early in 2022 at the age of 59. Olly Witard, Stu Phillips and Bethan Phillips gave outstanding talks and a heartfelt tribute to Kevin.

Here, is the story of Kevin Tipton as I knew him. It focusses on the period 2005-2011 when I persuaded him to come to Birmingham and we had offices next to each other. Being in the number 1 and 2 spot would have made him smile for sure.

Man and a dog

2. Top 5 protein metabolism publications by Kevin Tipton

Kevin Tipton was regarded as one of the world’s leading experts in protein metabolism. He was particularly interested in what happened after exercise and what we could do to improve recovery and adaptation in the muscle. In this blog, 5 of Kevin’s most important scientific papers are highlighted.

Summary of protein studies

3. The female athlete: Considerations for fuel storage and utilisation

This blog highlights the metabolic differences in fuel storage and utilisation between males and females and what these differences may mean for female athletes. Prof Michaela Devries also highlights the paucity of high-quality research involving female participants.

Infographic of sex differences

4. What is protein quality?

Dietary protein is essential to support muscle maintenance or growth. In addition to the amount of protein in each meal, and the pattern of protein consumption throughout the day, protein quality may also be important for muscle growth. But what exactly does protein quality mean? And what makes a protein source high quality compared to low?

Infographic of protein quality

5. Do athletes need fish oil supplements?

In this blog, Dr Nathan Lewis describes findings from his recent work into fish oil supplements for athletes. Fish oil may be beneficial for health, but can improve athletic performance? Which athletes benefit the most from fish oil supplements?

Infographic of fish oil supplements
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