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NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent has confirmed the competition committee will discuss making roughing the passer penalties reviewable this coming offseason. 

Vincent also suggested more players could be ejected for roughing the passer if such plays can be examined via video during games. 

“Quarterback goes down by a hit. Obviously, there’s a flag on the field,” Vincent explained about such situations at the league meetings in Irving, Texas, on Wednesday, as shared by Charean Williams of Pro Football Talk. “Should that player be automatically ejected or should that be a reviewable play? That’ll be a topic of what’s reviewed. What should be reviewable? Do you want to add things to that bucket? Is that something we should take a look at? Should a disqualification automatically come with a player that is actually taken out of the game?” 

The topic of making roughing the passer calls reviewable first arose this fall in October after multiple controversial penalties in Week 5 angered players, fans, and analysts. More recently, Miami Dolphins pass rusher Jaelan Phillips was flagged for a hit on Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert that appeared legal to many viewers watching at home this past Sunday night: 

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