sean mcvay breaks silence on rams adding qb baker

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Head coach Sean McVay seems hyped to have quarterback Baker Mayfield with the Los Angeles Rams, if only for a month. 

“What I can say in all sincerity is that there’s an excitement about being able to work with him for what we know is five more weeks,” McVay said about Mayfield on Wednesday, per ESPN’s Sarah Barshop. “And whether he plays in five games or four games is to be determined. But I’m excited about that.”

The Carolina Panthers waived Mayfield on Monday, and the Rams reportedly were the only team to place a waiver claim for his services. It was subsequently reported that Mayfield had “accepted his role as a backup in Carolina” and wasn’t “a difficult teammate” during his brief tenure with the Panthers. 

“The only concern would be making sure we put him in the best positions to be successful as it relates to whether he plays tomorrow or not,” McVay responded when asked if he had any worries about adding the first pick of the 2018 NFL Draft to the roster. “That’d be the only thing. But as far as him, there’s no concerns.”

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