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A year after celebrating the mythical top freshman class, Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher is in a worse place.

The Aggies’ incoming freshman class is ranked 15th, per On3, and A&M ranks last in the site’s evaluation of incoming and outgoing talent via the transfer portal.

Fisher whined about the current state of college football with the transfer portal and NIL deals changing the outlook of the sport. 

“The problem with all of it is that there is no consistency and rules. And then when you get into the [transfer portal], there is so much tampering going on, it is utterly ridiculous,” said Fisher. 

His rant drew a face-palm emoji from fellow SEC head coach Lane Kiffin.

A year ago, Fisher and Texas A&M had a lot more success with NIL deals, the money spent helping land the Aggies that mythical No. 1 recruiting class.

After Texas A&M sputtered to a 5-7 record, several Aggies entered the transfer portal. Fisher is not a fan of the increased autonomy. 

He had no issues with his ability to freely jump from a Florida State gig, where he made over $5 million a year, for a job in College Station that paid over $7 million annually. (h/t Jacksonville.com)

Fisher whining about players having agency over their decision on where they go to school won’t win him many fans. He, along with every other college coach, can leap between jobs with no repercussions. They are finally getting a taste of their own medicine.

His outcry is made even more ridiculous in the context of a conversation he had with ESPN’s Paul Finebaum last year.

“There were a lot of NIL deals going on before all this was going on. They just weren’t legal, and no one told nobody,” he said. (h/t On3)

Fisher was doing fine in college football’s new climate last year. This year, he — along with those who invested in Texas A&M’s NIL collective — likely wants a refund.

After a disastrous 2022 season, the offseason is looking just as pathetic for Fisher.

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