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Several teams are taking a hit in this year’s college football transfer portal. No one is getting bludgeoned quite like Jimbo Fisher’s Texas A&M Aggies.

On3 evaluates every move on college football rosters, and per its algorithm, Texas A&M has been affected the most. 

So far, 19 Aggies players have entered the portal, more than any other team in college football.

“Not everyone wants to run a jump. A lot of guys want to prove we’ve got a good team, we have a good group,” said Fisher in a news conference last month. (h/t Sports Illustrated)

It looks as though that might not necessarily be the case.

Five-star freshman cornerback Denver Harris is the highest-graded player to test the waters, and eight four-star prospects also are in the market for a place to finish their college careers.

QB Haynes King is another prominent name in the transfer portal. He played in six games for the Aggies this season before the team moved on to Conner Weigman.

It was all good a year ago at College Station. Texas A&M was in the process of securing the top-ranked recruiting class of 2022 to add to an 8-4 team. 

Instead, National Signing Day was the last day head coach Jimbo Fisher knew peace.

The Aggies went 5-7 in 2022, which included a 17-14 loss to Appalachian State (6-6) at home in September.

In May 2022, Fisher got in a verbal spat with Alabama coach Nick Saban over accusations the team had to buy players to come to College Station. 

Fisher hit back that the team followed all the rules in the new landscape of deals based on players’ names, images and likenesses.

The NIL money was undoubtedly nice for the players. Escaping the Texas A&M dumpster fire? That’s priceless.

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