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Sodium is claimed to be necessary for athletes, and completely different arguments are used to elucidate why it’s so important. We’ll dive into the proof just a little extra however the infographic beneath will already present a brief abstract of the evaluation.

Why sodium?

Sodium performs a number of important roles throughout train. Firstly, sodium performs an important position in water stability. It does this because of its impact on osmolality of the extracellular fluid (fluid within the bloodstream and surrounding the skin of cells). Osmolality is the variety of dissolvable particles inside the liquid that it’s dissolved in. Within the physique, sodium is the best contributor to the variety of particles within the extracellular fluid. A drop within the sodium focus within the blood (hyponatremia) means a drop in osmolality, and this may have critical penalties for fluid stability. If the focus of sodium within the blood drops, fluids will transfer into tissues to even out the osmolality between the within and out of doors of cells. A kind of tissues is the mind and this can lead to mind swelling and even demise, however this requires each lowered osmolality to direct water into the cells, in addition to extreme complete water to trigger the cells to broaden to harmful ranges. So while that is fortunately uncommon, clearly it is very important be sure that sodium focus within the blood is nicely maintained.

Does sodium improve water absorption?

Sodium is usually a part of drinks which are designed for consumption throughout train (carbohydrate-electrolyte drinks or sports activities drinks). There are a selection of the explanation why carbohydrate and sodium are added to those drinks. Some glucose can improve the absorption of sodium, and water will observe the sodium and glucose on account of osmotic drag. It’s typically advised or claimed that sodium helps water absorption, however this impact is barely very small. As an instance this I wish to present you the info of 1 research we carried out. On this research completely different quantities of sodium have been offered in a 6% glucose resolution.

The Na group ingested the next drinks:

  1. Na0: 6% Glucose

  2. Na20: 6% Glucose + 20 mmol/L sodium = 460mg/L (roughly 0.5 g/L)

  3. Na40: 6% Glucose + 40 mmol/L sodium = 920 mg/L (roughly 1.0 g/L)

  4. Na60: 6% Glucose + 60 mmol/L sodium = 1380 mg/L (roughly 1.5 g/L)

You’ll be able to see the leads to the determine beneath. If there are variations with reasonable to very massive quantities of sodium in a drink, the results are minimal.

Effect of sodium in drink on water absorption

As could be seen from this determine there could also be small variations between drinks (not important on this research) and this sodium has no main impact on water absorption. However this doesn’t imply that sodium doesn’t have a job to play in hydration throughout train.

Sodium improves the style of drinks and stimulates consumption

Sodium tends to enhance the palatability of drinks. Sodium additionally maintains the thirst response, as a result of thirst is triggered by elevated osmolality within the blood, and so stimulates ingesting in that method. Because of this athletes usually tend to drink and that is after all a prerequisite to staying hydrated. You will need to observe that with the intention to make a drink extra palatable, we solely want small quantities of electrolytes. 400-500 mg sodium per liter will make a drink extra palatable, however greater than 1000 mg per liter will make it much less palatable.

Sodium will increase beverage osmolality

One factor I want to level out right here is the position of electrolytes on the osmolality of fluids that we drink. Though the results of osmolality of drinks and finally abdomen content material could also be overrated in lots of situations as nicely, many believers in electrolytes are additionally believers in an necessary position for osmolality. These people typically lay our a fortune on isotonic drinks (people who have an identical osmolality to the blood) after which they complement with salt tablets or electrolyte tabs. These tabs will take the osmolality by way of the roof and any small potential impact of isotonic drinks will probably be gone…

Pre-exercise sodium and water retention

Lastly, sodium is instrumental within the retention of the ingested water within the physique’s water swimming pools. So, basically, sodium will assist to retailer water within the physique. Though it is a theoretical profit, there’s little proof that this may truly assist efficiency in most conditions. The one proof comes from research in extraordinarily scorching and humid situations (typically with minimal wind cooling). In these research, sodium and different solutes akin to glycerol have been used to preload water to enhance temperature regulation throughout train. It is a completely different state of affairs than ingesting an answer with electrolytes throughout train although. The research that use pre-loading, usually begin 2h earlier than train with a big dose of salt or glycerol and a really massive quantity of water (2-3L).

Theories why sodium is necessary

The 2 primary theories and assumptions on which the case for sodium supplementation is constructed is that you simply lose quite a lot of sodium throughout train (that is an assumption normally) and subsequently:

  1. There may be an impact on blood sodium focus or

  2. Physique sodium shops are affected in order that different roles of sodium are compromised.

The infographic firstly of this weblog lists a variety of claims which are made about sodium and the precise proof. Alan McCubbin will discover these claims in additional element within the subsequent few blogs.

  1. How a lot sodium can we lose and does this trigger issues?

  2. What’s the proof that sodium can assist efficiency?

  3. Is sodium in sweat merely a mirrored image of the salt you’ve gotten in your weight loss program?

  4. Salty sweaters… we have now all heard it however what does this imply? How a lot is low, medium, excessive?

  5. Sweat measuring instruments? Does it matter how exact you measure? What instruments do we have now out there?

In abstract, sodium doesn’t assist water absorption from drinks in any main method (glucose is way more necessary for this). Nevertheless, sodium will make a drink style higher and make you thirstier. Due to this fact, you usually tend to drink and it will after all make it easier to to remain hydrated (however you in all probability don’t want salt tablets for this and simply including small quantities of sodium to a drink could also be simpler).

The extra necessary impact of sodium is the position in sustaining fluid stability between numerous physique compartments (particularly the intra- and extracellular area). Whether or not you might want to take electrolytes throughout train to realize it is a query we are going to deal with in additional element right here.

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