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In a earlier weblog we mentioned what electrolytes are and what sodium is. We additionally mentioned the function of sodium in a bit of extra element. On this weblog yow will discover a really transient overview of another electrolytes and their roles. Sodium and potassium are the principle electrolytes within the extra-and intracellular areas within the physique respectively (fluids exterior cells, for instance within the blood, or inside cells (muscle cells, mind cells, and so forth.)). Beneath we’ll briefly focus on the function of different electrolytes. So let’s first speak about potassium:

Sodium, potassium and chloride infographic


Potassium is one other electrolyte that has a extremely essential function and is closely regulated. Its major function within the physique is to assist preserve regular ranges of fluid inside our cells. Potassium additionally helps muscle mass to contract, helps regular blood stress and performs a key function within the conduction of nerve impulses. Hyperkalaemia (excessive potassium ranges) may cause arrhythmias and cardiac arrests, however is extraordinarily uncommon in in any other case wholesome folks.


Iron has the strongest proof of all electrolytes. There’s a clear relationship between iron deficiency and poor efficiency that may be restored by supplementing iron. Iron deficiency is just not really easy to detect, however occurs pretty usually, particularly in feminine athletes or athletes who limit their meals consumption for longer intervals of time. We mentioned this subject in additional element in earlier blogs. So, we refer the reader to:

Calcium, magnesium and phosphorus infographic


Magnesium is commonly linked to cramping, however the proof may be very restricted. What I at all times discover fascinating is that the issue of magnesium deficiency and cramping associated to it appears to be far larger in German talking nations. By some means the message is strongly promoted in these nations. Should you converse and browse English, magnesium performs much less of a job in muscle cramping….. In actuality, there’s some restricted proof that magnesium deficiency can affect nocturnal cramps, however no proof that there’s a hyperlink with train related muscle cramps. Magnesium losses by means of sweat are very small and a balanced weight loss program incorporates ample magnesium. Deficiencies are due to this fact extraordinarily uncommon. Generally magnesium is measured in blood and the worth measured is linked to low magnesium within the physique. It’s recognized nonetheless, that magnesium within the blood is just not a great reflection of whole-body magnesium and magnesium has little or no function within the blood itself.


Though calcium is vitally essential for muscle contraction and cardiovascular operate and naturally the upkeep of wholesome bones, there’s at the moment no proof that calcium supplementation has any direct impact on athletic efficiency.

Electrolyte losses in sweat

Most of those electrolytes may be detected in sweat. Nevertheless, they’re solely current in very small portions and losses thus are minimal. In idea it could be attainable that athletes who sweat massive quantities and have diets which are insufficient are usually not replenishing a number of of those electrolytes every day. This idea has particularly developed for calcium the place the extraordinary coaching of cyclists for instance has been linked to low bone mineral density. Nevertheless, the consensus is that there are different elements which are more likely, reminiscent of low power availability, vitamin D deficiency or the shortage of weight bearing train, which are chargeable for the noticed low bone mineral density, not a calcium deficiency. The regulation of most electrolytes can also be exquisitely managed, and losses in a single space (e.g. sweat) are sometimes compensated for by conservation in one other (e.g. much less losses by means of urination).

In abstract, other than sodium, electrolyte losses in sweat are comparatively small, and might simply be compensated by means of day-to-day dietary consumption, and the physique’s processes to preserve them in different methods. See this weblog for extra dialogue on sodium losses.

Electrolytes in your weight loss program

Electrolytes are essential, nobody argues about that. Actually, they’re important for well being. However the actuality is that, apart from maybe iron, most athletes will get sufficient by means of their regular weight loss program. Within the media and on the earth of dietary supplements, the assumption has developed that we want a number of electrolytes and these must be ingested throughout train… Neither of those claims is true. Other than maybe a couple of very excessive conditions, we will simply have a balanced weight loss program and it will provide every part we want. In case you are doing an hour within the gymnasium every single day, there isn’t a want for electrolyte drinks, or capsules or some other commercially accessible product. It would do no hurt, however it is not going to have any advantages both. As a result of sodium is misplaced in larger portions and since sodium has additionally obtained loads of consideration within the widespread press, we’ll dive a bit of deeper within the proof within the subsequent few blogs.

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