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It is starting to become routine with Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields. 

It seems every week he is going to do something spectacular that leaves your jaw on the floor. He did it again on Sunday afternoon against the Philadelphia Eagles when he looked to be swallowed up for a sure sack in the backfield, only to escape, break free and take off downfield for a 39-yard run that almost ended in a spectacular touchdown.

Have a look:

The only thing that prevented it from being a touchdown was him stepping out of bounds at the nine-yard line. 

That run had added significance for Fields and the Bears. Aside from being another highlight reel play, it also gave him 976 rushing yards for the season, setting a new franchise record for most rushing yards by a quarterback. The previous record was held by Bobby Douglass who rushed for 967 yards during the 1972 season.

This season may not have gone as planned for the Bears in the standings, but Fields’ emergence as a rising star at the league’s most important position makes it a huge success for the long-term outlook of the franchise. 

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